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JR Kyoto Station (Karasuma Entrance) Bus Terminal.

The bus departs from the front of Isetan Department Store, to the left from the Central Entrance (Karasuma Entrance) of JR Kyoto Station. For tourists arriving by subway, Entrance No.6 to Kyoto Station is convenient.

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Departure from your hotel

Pick-up service at hotels in Kyoto City

You may enjoy sightseeing in Kyoto simply by getting on a bus in front of your hotel.
[Pick-up times at the Hotel and departure times for courses leaving from the Kyoto Station Karasuma Entrance.]

Kyoto Hotel Okura 8:24am
Kyoto Royal Hotel & SPA8:28am
Shijo Kawaramachi Bus Stop8:33am

→9:00am at Kyoto Station Karasuma entrance

Shijo Kawaramachi Bus Stop 9:22am
→9:50am at Kyoto Station Karasuma entrance
Rihga Royal Hotel Kyoto 9:10am

→9:50am at Kyoto Station Karasuma entrance

・You are requested to make a reservation for the sightseeing bus in advance.
・For more information about the pick-up service and how to make a reservation, contact the reception desk at your hotel.

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Making a Reservation

Please enter from the top page.

Select a language (English, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese or Korean) on the top page.

Select a course.

Click "Make a Reservation" for your desired course.

Fill in the reservation form with your information.

Please fill in the reservation form with the necessary information.
Your selected course is indicated in "Course to be reserved".
After making all entries, click "Confirm the entered information".
* Reservations are accepted from three months to 15 days before the departure date.
* Up to five tourists can be included in one reservation.
* For reservations for 6 or more persons, please contact us via the Inquiry form.

Please confirm the entered information.

Please check the entered information carefully.
If you are satisfied that all the information is correct, please click "Send the form".
If you wish to make any changes, click "Edit the information" and re-enter the correct information.

The reservation has been completed when the following screen is displayed
and when you have received the confirmation message by e-mail.

When the "reservation complete" screen is displayed, a "reservation accepted" message is also sent to your registered e-mail address. The reservation has been completed when you have received this message.
Go back to the top page using the "Return to the top" button.
* If you do not receive the e-mail message, the reservation process has not been completed and you will not be able to board the bus. Please re-confirm the information you entered, and re-send the form.
* Availability for your reservation will be notified to your provided e-mail address within five days.

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